Yasmin Ali

︎︎︎ is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in using design as a tool to understand the complex systems we live within and as a way to create meaningful interactions. Her design practice focuses on social impact and community building. She is currently working at the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a non-profit on a mission to make public policy accessible.

︎︎︎Resume by request

Self Reflection Workshop Toolkit

This toolkit is apart of an investigation on how white supremacy has conditioned us to compartmentalize ourselves for the sake of learning in American education. Inspired by the curriculum of Freedom Schools︎︎︎, the workshop questionnaires are meant to encourage critical thinking and self analysis with hopes of feeling more centered with your own being at that current moment through the process of paper weaving. The goal is to explore a more imaginative approach to education.

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