Neighbor to Neighbor

Brand Identity

Project Overview
Neighbor to Neighbor is a collaborative project with Quicken Loans Community Fund and 7 other of my design peers. We were faced with the complex and nuanced issue of housing in the Detroit area and were looking for a way to increase the number of property tax exemption applicants.

Over 15 weeks we conducted extensive research, ethnography, and design to produce a full branding system for Neighbor to Neighbor, a comprehensive PTE application kit, and redesigned the city of Detroit’s PTE application form.

Canvasser kit: t-shirt, tape, car magnet, and ID

Resident Property Tax Exemption kit

Property Tax Exemption Guide

Awareness campaign: paper bags and flyers

Awareness campaign: instagram motion ads
In collaboration with Will Callis, Sarah Cremering, Tracee Hartley, Erica Heathcote, Josh Krauth-Harding, Matt Neilson, and Jigyasa Tuli. 

Lessons Learned
This process emphasized the importance of research and including the people you are designing for throughout every step of the process. I was able to learn about collaborating with other designers and am thankful for the insight that I grained throughout this project.   

Book designed by Erica Heathcote and Josh Krauth-Harding.