Yasmin Ali

︎︎︎ is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in using design as a tool to understand the complex systems we live within and as a way to create meaningful interactions. Her design practice focuses on social impact and community building. She is currently working at the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a non-profit on a mission to make public policy accessible.

︎︎︎Resume by request

Life Remodeled

Located in Dexter-Linwood, Life Remodeled channels the neighborhood’s radical hope to lead to sustainable change and action. Life Remodeled is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunity hubs, like Durfee Innovation Society, for its community. Through this collaborative project, we developed a rebrand solution for Life Remodeled that would communicate the goals of the organization.

This project was done in collabortation with Will Callis, Erica Heathcote, and Josh Krauth-Harding.