Life Remodeled
Brand Identity
Located in Dexter-Linwood, Life Remodeled channels the neighborhood’s radical hope to lead to sustainable change and action. Life Remodeled is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunity hubs, like Durfee Innovation Society, for its community. In collaboration with three of my peers we developed a possible re-brand solution for Life Remodeled that would communicate the goals of the organization. 

This branding system utilizes a simple house shape-not only to keep the familiarity of the mark from the existing brand- but to represent community, progessive change, and growth. We then created a mark to represent community hubs like Durfee Innovation Society that could coexist with the mark of Life Remodeled. 


Street-side billboard


Tote, T-Shirt, Buttons, Stickers, ID

Community Mural

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